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Credit troubles can be stressful. The right tools and resources can help you manage your credit problems. Use our financial calculators to help shed some light on your financial situation.

The payment by principal calculator will tell you how much time and money you can save depending on the payments you make towards your credit card debt and other loans. Find out how many payments will be required in order to pay off your debt. It also indicates how much interest will be accumulated throughout those payments in total. Input your loan amount, the annual interest rate, monthly payment amount and press "Calculate".

The payment by term calculator will tell you how quickly you will be able to pay off your debt. It also specifies the total borrowing cost for the loan depending on the term of the loan. Input your loan amount, annual interest rate, term and press "Calculate".

The amortization calculator determines your monthly loan payments. The schedule specifies how much of your payment will be put towards the principal and how much will be put towards interest. Input your loan amount, annual interest rate, the term of your loan and press "Calculate".

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